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Online course Bulgarian for foreigners

 School or Professional and Continuing Studies


Paid Course:

Tuition Fees:

Tuition fees for a group course:

Registration for Level A 1.1. (75 academic hours) – BGN 500

Registration for level A.1.1. and level A.1.2. (150 academic hours) at once – BGN 900


Tuition fees for individual course:

1 study hour (45 min.) – BGN 24

Requires registration for minimum of 20 academic hours - BGN 480

#Online Bulgarian language courses are for:


  • Students from different countries who want to learn more about Bulgarian culture and language;
  • Foreigners who live in Bulgaria;
  • Foreigners who need to study Bulgarian for professional or personal reasons;
  • Children of emigrants or living abroad relatives of Bulgarians;
  • Everyone who is interested in learning Bulgarian language in authentic native speaker environment.


 Students receive own authentic profile names and passwords for the platform, after successful enrollment.


Students obtain Language Proficiency Certificates at the accomplished level in Bulgarian language from New Bulgarian University.

Enroll for the online Bulgarian language course!


Quick, Easy and Convenient way of learning Bulgarian language with flexible schedule at New Bulgarian University

The course offers group and individual classes for foreigners - level A1.1 and level A1.2.


With the help of the qualified university lecturers, the students will master the specific characteristics of the Bulgarian grammar and pronunciation in native speaker environment.

They will increase their linguistic competence by improving and enriching their communication skills.


  The course has practical and communicative approach that includes:

- Intensive 75-study-hours-course;

- Various communicative and situational exercises;

- Speaking practice;

- Individual consultations with lecturer;

- Final test at the end of the course

- Wide variety of audio, video and practical materials.

For registration and more information:


School of Professional and Continuing Studies at NBU

☎️ +359 2 8110 110 (option 6)

e-mail: uppo@nbu.bg