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OutBreak! – Social Trauma in Changing Societies

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS. Blended Learning Summer School

„OutBreak! – Social Trauma in Changing Societies“

(including the elective course “Social Trauma”)

University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
20 – 27.06.2021  (alternative dates: 20 – 27.09.2021)



The project “Social Trauma in Changing Societies” (STICS) connects students and professors from ten universities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Serbia and Turkey, building upon results and resources from an intensive seven-year cooperation in the DAAD research networks “Trauma, Trust, and Memory”, “Migration – Trauma in Transition” and, since 2019, “Social Trauma in Changing Societies”. It strengthens transregional academic cooperation on the frame topic of Social Trauma, which is highly relevant in all participating countries, with huge influence on the evolution of civil society.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world unexpectedly and profoundly. For the first time in history, societies of different political and historical backgrounds are coming under a considerable synchronized pressure to act, and their populations are reacting across a wide spectrum between docility and insurgency – regardless of the political system, but, as Ivan Krastev puts it, depending on trust in their governments. This trust, of course, has psycho-historical roots, whose careful analysis is a prerequisite for sustainable political and social action. The summer school OutBreak! Focuses on such an analysis of the connection between the pandemic and the political or social reaction to it in the frame of social trauma.

In 2021, OutBreak! the STICS network’s 10th summer school on Social Trauma, aims to

  • teach students specific knowledge on social trauma and its social and mental health consequences
  • help students develop research skills in the area of Social Trauma in direct contact with researchers and practitioners
  • provide experience in cross-cultural research and teaching


The summer school 2021 will take the form of a blended learning summer school – blending online teaching for a broader audience with a smaller group of students physically present in Sarajevo.  The Sarajevo meeting will embrace max. 4 students per participating country, who will serve as ambassadors for their online-participating fellow students from their respective home universities, discuss and elaborate on country-specific issues and questions and communicate the outcome of these “ambassador sessions” back to the plenary.

The summer school lasts for 7 days from 20 to 27 June 2021. In case the COVID-19 pandemic will not allow for a safe implementation of the summer school in June already, the summer school will, depending on the current pandemic situation, either be rescheduled to 20-27 September 2021 or will be carried out completely online!

Classes cover an interdisciplinary approach on Social Trauma, from Memory Studies, Developmental, Clinical and Social Psychology, Research Methodology and Ethics to Cultural Theory. All seminars will take place in present, while most keynote lectures will be held online. In addition, reflection groups and an intercultural excursion will part of the program.

All participants will receive 5 ECTS credit points and a participation certificate, after successful completion and handing in a portfolio.


All psychology master students from New Bulgarian University.


  1. Application form
  2. Short CV (one page)
  3. Letter of motivation (one page), confirming whether you are willing to travel to Sarajevo for the summer school, or you prefer online only format, and you will be ready to spend one week participating in an online summer school.
  4. Grades overview

Please send all documents, preferably in one pdf file, by email to: ssavov@nbu.bg


  1. Academic achievements
  2. Convincing motivation
  3. Enrollment in course PSYM260 Проект: Социална травма
  4. Engagement in related projects and/or related career perspectives
  5. Order of appearance


The summer school is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The funding covers the following services (only for the 2 NBU ambassador students travelling to Sarajevo):

  • Up to 300€ for real travel costs from Sofia to Sarajevo
  • 7 nights accommodation in a Sarajevo (max. 30€ per night)
  • 19€ daily for max. 7 days


The application deadline is March 01, 2021.

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