14.04.2020 12:01

Updates and information on the current coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak

New Bulgarian University has been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak and has been following strictly the instructions of the Ministry of Health, National Crisis Headquarters and World Health Organization.

Following lockdown restrictions implemented by the Bulgarian Government since 13 March 2020, only some of the services are operating on campus, all the others as well as the study process are entirely online. According to the latest information, the lockdown is to end on 13 May 2020. However, as the situation is dynamic and unpredictable, if the Government decides to prolong the lockdown, we will continue to ensure that the health and safety of our students and frontline staff are protected as much as possible.
The general information below provides the latest health advice and support, along with additional guidance for international applicants and current international students.

General advice

The health and safety of our entire University community is our highest priority. The guidelines below provide useful information on prevention, health, safety and travel.
The new coronavirus (Covid-19) is transmitted by droplet infection. This happens for example when someone who has contracted the illness sneezes or coughs without wearing a mask and you are closer than two meters to that person or the infectious droplets get onto your hands. Another way of infection is if you have touched a contaminated surface and you haven’t washed your hands and you’ve touched your mouth, eyes or nose.
Observing very good hygiene and keeping a distance from others are two main factors that can prevent us from contracting the virus.

Here is some advice how to protect ourselves and the others.

Keeping a distance

- Avoid groups of people
- Avoid contact with sick people, especially those who cough or have fever or
- temperature
- Avoid contact with people if you cough or feel bad
- If you’re standing in line, keep your distance from the person before you for at least two meters
- Avoid using public transport
- Avoid shaking hands
- Avoid kissing to greet people

Hand washing

Wash hands with soap and water for 20 - 30 sec. or use alcohol based disinfectant solution (at least 60%):
- after sneezing and coughing
- before, during and after preparing food
- before meals
- after using the toilet
- after each contact with animals
- every time you come home
- after taking off a hygiene mask
- after handling household waste

Stay at home

Leave your home only if:
- You have to buy groceries
- You have to go to the pharmacy
- You have to go to work
If you leave your home, wear gloves and do not remove them while in public transport and in public places. Be careful with the door handles. If possible, open or close with your elbow. Wear gloves when pressing the handle and wash your hands immediately afterwards.
- Avoid taking trips abroad, especially to places with established cases of coronavirus
- If you have traveled to countries with established cases of coronavirus, after returning home, self-isolate for 14 days and inform your doctor (GP) by phone
- If you have fever, coughing and difficult breathing after a trip abroad, contact your doctor (GP) by phone
- If you cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with a paper tissue and then throw it immediately in a closed basket or container
- If you don’t have a paper tissue, cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm rather than into your hands and wash them thoroughly with water and soap immediately afterwards if possible.

Current international students

If you have questions or any problems regarding your learning process, you may contact our International Relations Office team on foreign.student@nbu.bg. For updates, you may visit NBU-International Students Facebook page as well as NBU’s web site.

Prospective international students

The application process for the new academic year 2020/2021 as well as the deadline for submission of documents remain unchanged. For further information and updates, contact our International Relations Office team on foreign.student@nbu.bg, visit NBU-International Students Facebook page or NBU’s web site/International students.

International students could contact the embassies of their country of origin for additional information and guidance.

Current WHO information on coronavirus sites:



Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Emergency number: 112