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Лятно бизнес училище (Summer Business School)

Корпус 1, зали 20 и 310

Организатори, водещи и модератори:
доц. д-р Виктор Аврамов, Илиян Ценков

студенти от бакалавърски програми „Управление на бизнеса и предприемачество“, „Маркетинг“, „Финанси“

Лектори на семинара ще бъдат изявени представители на бизнеса и преподаватели от НБУ.

По време на семинарите се предвиждат лекции с продължителност 30-40 минути и работни сесии, в рамките на които на студентите ще се възлагат практически задачи. След всеки семинар ще има обобщение и дискусия.

Programme description

The Summer Business School’s ‘Business Growth’ programme within the NBU School of Management can be defined as an exploration of the tools and techniques to develop strategies to take advantage of growth opportunities.

The programme covers many of the facets of business growth whether the students are pursuing a corporate, investment or consulting career or want to be aspiring entrepreneurs.

Students have the opportunity to learn from some of the best practitioners in the fields of management, finance and HR.


The Business Growth programme is a workshop programme within the New Bulgarian University


Three Months to Get the 360 View of Growth Strategies

Pre-course group session

Group coaching after each course and Personalized Career Coaching

Closing group session

The programme will start with a kick-off session where students will be guided by faculty through the courses in order to build more awareness for the topics.

After each course students will have the opportunity to articulate with faculty on the topics and discussions.

Each student can take the opportunity to get a career advice related to the field of interest.

The final step of the school will give students the opportunity to share their experience with the program and provide feedback. Faculty would provide Q&A opportunity and a focused wrap-up of the program.


Lecturers could schedule any of the available dates opting for morning or afternoon session:

(1)09:30 – 12:45

(2)13:00 – 16:15

*Each lecturer has one session.






Valuable Insight

Whether students want to pursue a career as investment managers, corporate leaders or entrepreneurs, the Summer Business School offers a comprehensive course selection developing core competencies and gives a global perspective on how to asses growth drivers, how to develop a business strategy, how to recognize market opportunity, how to appraise a business or build a financial model, how to create a strong corporate culture. The program gives much more as the students will have the opportunity to understand how global strategies are translated and executed in the local and regional context, and to get the behind the curtains experience through real life examples and stories of accomplished professionals.

SBS will develop and further students knowledge on critical topics and prepare them for their next journey.

Career Success

NBU SOM is committed to helping MBA and BBA students define their career goals and build career management skills

The Summer Business School is comprised of experienced academics and professionals in the business domain.

SBS support consists of coaching, counsel and connections, including personalized one-to-one Career Coaching and group Career Coaching sessions throughout the summer school. These resources help students develop strategic career plans and land the right job.

SBS helps students to prepare for their next career journey whether they would continue at their current employer, make a career change or start a new business endeavor.  




NBU SOM Opportunities for Employers


  • You want to give your best employees career development opportunities through an in-depth training?
  • You want to include aspiring team members in the decision making curve?3
  • You want to create a strategic brainstorm group within you company?



NBU SOM gives you an opportunity to take your employees, mid-managers and executives through a tailored journey and learn from a distinguished group of leading professionals in wide range of domains.

We can launch exclusively, adapt or fully tailor a 1-4 weeks programme that suits your needs and helps you accomplish your long-term strategic goals.

Downlad the schedule here.



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