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Семинар „Imperialistic ideology in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Symbolic meaning of whiteness and blackness. Joseph Conrad's "Autocracy and War" - a visionary essay on geopolitics?“

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Изследователски център за компютърна и приложна лингвистика
департамент „Администрация и управление“

Dr Joanna Mstowska, Erasmus+ Lecturer

гл. ас. д-р Милка Хаджикотева
гл. ас. д-р Мариана Димитрова

студенти и преподаватели от Изследователски център за компютърна и приложна лингвистика и департамент „Администрация и управление“

Joanna Mstowska (PhD) is a literary and cultural scholar at Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz. Her academic interests include British and American sea novels. In this field, she published essays "Inner Sea Space in Joseph Conrad's 'Youth' and The Mirror of the Sea" (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010) and "The Flying Dutchman's Mimetic Desire. Crossing Geographical and Moral Frontiers in Frederick Marryat's The Phantom Ship" (Springer, 2013), as well as a monograph entitled Various Aspects of Mimesis in Selected Sea Novels of Frederick Marryat, James F. Cooper and Richard H. Dana (Peter Lang, 2013). She is also interested in comparative studies of British and Italian fiction, especially by Joseph Conrad and Luigi Pirandello.